N. Korea Deploys SA-2 Missiles Targeting S. Korea Jets at the NLL

A dangerous situation at the Koreas with reports that North Korea has deployed SA-2 Surface-to- Air Missiles to launch pads near the Yellow Sea border with South Korea. The position is near the Northern Limit Line (NLL), all this as South Korea and the U.S. begin”drills” in the area but “far south” of disputed borders according to the South.

North Korean Missiles Targeting South Korea

This comes quickly on the heels of North Korea’s shelling of the South’s Yeonpyeong Island last week, killing four and wounding eighteen – and seen as an invasion of the South. In today’s provocation (Nov. 27th in the U.S. and Nov. 28th in the Koreas):

The Soviet-designed SA-2 missile has a range of between 13 and 30 kilometers. Other missiles on the North’s west coast, such as the Samlet and Silkworm with ranges of up to 95km, have also been put onto launch pads, the source said.

South Korea says the Northern Limit Line is the legal boundary, while the North says the line is much farther south and includes numerous islands inhabited by the South. An unnamed spokesman says the North has deployed firepower near the NLL and “is preparing to fire.” South Korea says today their fighter jets are being targeted by the North, and their “marine commander” vowed “thousand-fold” revenge for the North’s attack on Yeonpyeong Island. Okay. I’m not sure I believe that.

The USS George Washington with 75 warplanes and a crew of over 6,000, along with 4 other U.S. warships, is drilling with South Korea. SA-2 Missiles pointed to South Korea’s position in their own territory and the South’s commander vowing revenge?  How does North Korea pull out of this? And then there’s the U.S. standing “shoulder-to-shoulder” with South Korea. Has the time come for to dislodge the North Korean regime? If not, then what are we doing?

  • China can dislodge them with far less bloodshed and losses than we can… if they aspire to being a world leader, time for them to act like it.

    But you have to stand up to the Norks at least symbolically… give them an inch and they take a mile, so I sure wouldn’t show a speck of weakness towards them. The truth is, they know they would lose any real war… only a suicidal cult type would find that justified by the damage they could wreak on the South.

    The Norks act like some down and out punk who has no card to play but pugnaciousness… but the truth is the Kims live like Sultans and have no intent whatsoever dying for communism


    • Good point RR. I believe South Korea must make more than a little noise. They let these gangsters sink their ship and kill over 100. Now 4 more military are dead and civilians have lost their homes with numerous badly injured.

      I do not think that was wise. I don’t know what the South should/could have done, but they could and should have done something. Maybe China would be a bit more alarmed at the South protecting themselves.

  • Please note: I firmly believe China has already fired a warning shot at the U.S. also as that thing off the coast of California was definitely a missile, government lies beside. Thanks to Clinton allowing them to buy missile guidance technology along with this President’s Chamberlain like tendencies (Anti-American in my book) it stands to reason that China is getting exactly what it wants
    I wrote the following well over a year ago. In the full post, I made the argument that this President showing the weakness that he is now known for would in fact aid and abet this tin horn dictator in N.Korea. I just above took the China card into consideration as to my premise. Now, the madman is taking his shots as I feared and the Moron in Chief has the utter gall to proclaim this isn’t a crisis or something to that effect.

    “WE CANNOT NEGOTIATE WITH MADMEN! Chamberlain Jr. has got to get that through his fat head! While we fiddle/faddle, Korea lies to our faces while working at getting what they want! One other thing here. The folks on the left seem to think the Koreans, being the honorable people that they are would never do anything stupid! Wrong!! As is evidenced buy their latest action, the North Koreans are willing to risk destruction well knowing the weak sister leaders of the world will cave in as always. And in the eyes of the morons in power here, they can’t deliver a payload! WRONG! They have a short range missile that can deliver a small warhead. And lest anyone forget, we have 35,000 troops around the border there. One bomb. That’s all it takes! But we’ll trust the Anti-American UN and a madman?! Good Grief!

    • joetote: I also believe it was not a vapor trail off the coast of California. Patriot’s Corner has a post up today (find it linked in my round-up today) with two missile experts commenting. I’ve never believed it was a vapor trail.

      Yes, the Left seems to think it is fine that millions are enslaved, kept hungry and in the dark.

  • I did not really understand this until I was in Korea. I quickly realized that if war did break out the islands would be a likely cause. The problem is the war never ended and both sides never agreed on the islands.

    I still think this will die down in the coming weeks… I hope so.