Muslim Women in Shroud Exempted from TSA Security?

If Muslim women-in-shroud receive a religious exemption from the intrusive practices of the TSA, we are insane to let it pass. We know who is trying to bring explosives onto and into airplanes, and it is no one that looks like most of us in this country. See a video below. See an update below.

We could, for instance, round-up everyone we’ve been surveilling for years and make sure they cannot find a way into our airports. That would be a good start.

Then get rid of the TSA and give the responsibility to the airlines. Most pilots don’t want to be blown up in the air. If the pilot gets down safely, I get down safely. Airlines are strongly opposed to losing their aircraft. Right?

Don’t even mention civil rights. I’m in a place right now where it’s their civil rights or mine. I choose mine. I deserve mine.

Because strict followers of the Koran chose to attack this country, I’m losing the very privacy that should be respected and protected by my own country. Yes, we have Muslims born in this country who deserve their privacy too, but not as much as I. I, after all, warn against those that Muslim Americans tell us are extremists, almost every day. They do not.

Because Islam recruits Americans of Middle Eastern descent and scores of Blacks in prison, I’m being scanned or patted down at my airport, while it appears Muslim women are being considered for an exemption.

This is insane. Did I mention that?

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano would not answer whether Muslim women will be exempted from scans and pat-downs. She didn’t hesitate though when she said if you or I did not submit to one or the other, we will stay home, or we’ll take a train or drive. But no comment on Muslim women, or men, in shroud. She hasn’t made a decision that she is willing to share with us, but Big Sis was quick to tell us to get over it, or get out of her airports.

Make no mistake about it, Napolitano cannot exempt anyone with out Obama’s approval. This is a hot topic and she has had her neck chopped too many times. Here is one, not yet resolved.

Saying “adjustments will be made where they need to be made,” Napolitano still fingers you and me and mine and yours, unless perhaps we are Muslims-in-shroud.

Judge Andrew Napolitano was on Neal Cavuto today with a horrifying story of a male friend of his who travels twice a week and due to medical issues cannot be scanned. He had his shirt “ripped,” his pants unzipped and an agent peering into – emphasis – into his underwear. Unfortunately, I cannot locate that video, but I’ll post it when I do.

Napolitano was very clear today that this is completely unconstitutional, and that we must be outraged. I am.

I never want to see the day when a Muslim woman’s religious rights trumps my religious rights in America. And as an American, I have the Fourth Amendment on my side. Just try telling me that illegal “search” and “seizure” of our bodies are not a right a Christian or Jewish or atheist man or woman cannot claim.

Put the government in charge of who comes in to the U.S., although they don’t do that well either, and get them out of our legal and personal travel business. Do you think any airline will not be interested in what’s under any flowing religious garb? I’ll throw in burkas, hijabs and niqabs lest you think I don’t know what they are?

Judge Napolitano with Dana Perino on Airport Security (video)

Photo credit: Floyd Reports

Update 11-17-10:

Fox News says Muslim women will not be exempted from scans. Awaiting the onslaught of lawsuits and imam outcrys.

  • They blinked. No special rules for Muslim women.
    I don’t fly Stateside. I just don’t trust US security. It is a joke. I either go by train or bus. I love this way of traveling, meet wonderful people, can take 2 bags free, and have a real adventure. Try it next time you travel.

    • Hi Katie, we generally do not fly, but we have one trip each Spring where we have to fly, and our latest – it was necessary because we thought we might hit snow on route 40 and, indeed, we would have. I love driving trips and we will always drive if I we can.

      Train is impossible from Tulsa. We only pay for the cities who trains. We don’t use them:-)

  • I will say this. If they openly exempt Muslim women from these new requirements, there is going to be hell to pay. Not only would it be completely and totally unfair, it would feel like a slap in the face to America.

    • Larry, I haven’t followed Katie’s link yet but perhaps it is good news and no one Muslim will be exempted from anything.

      However, just wait until the CAIR lawsuits hit.

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  • Christians and Jews (and all other religions) need to stand up and claim a religious exemption also. This could work both ways if we are willing to really get behind it.

    Right Truth

    • Hi Debbie, Katie just left a link to a Fox report today saying Muslim women will not be exempted. How many CAIR lawsuits will it take to overturn the decision?

  • Good news from Katie!

  • The TSA is like everything DHS controls… It’s a total joke.

    The new site looks great!

    • Thanks Trestin. Glad you like it. Our government is so bloated and so powerful. It is simply frightening, and yes it is a joke, and the joke is on us.