MO’s Mojo in India: Obama’s Bomb-Proof Tunnel

Michelle Obama’s magical mojo delights some “disadvantaged” children in India shortly after Air Force One landed in Mumbai. She danced and played a game of “vocabulary-building hopscotch, telling the kids she loves to dance. The president did his own amazing, with the construction of an above-ground, bomb-proof tunnel to take him to a museum.

Michelle Obama’s Mojo!
Michelle’s mojo extended to decorator pillows being sold in bazaars with her very slender image perched on a swing, with the words “First Lady Fabulous,” and “We Love Her.” Just like the cover of Oprah’s O mag, Oprah looks nothing like herself, Michelle looks nothing like the beautiful, swinging lady in pearls.
POTUS’ mojo includes the first ever over-ground, 12′ X 12′ bomb-proof tunnel, with closed circuit cameras and air conditioning, to allow the President and his “cavalcade” to travel safely to “Mani Bhavan – the Gandhi museum – on Saturday.” Once the entourage passes through, the U.S. military will dismantle (or perhaps after the “cavalcade” returns) the tunnel in about one hour’s time. The tunnel is the answer to a skyscraper which loomed nearby with a clear view of Obama route to the museum.

Coconut trees were robbed of their coconuts. The reason for doing so was not given. Must assume that falling coconuts are lethal.

The cost of this grand tour is reported to cost taxpayers $200 million a day. The White House says that figure is “wildly overflated,” but there has been no attempt to correct the reports, or disclose the actual cost.

Photo credits: AP