Megyn Kelly Poses for GQ: Megyn Kelly Pregnant Again

Megyn Kelly is pregnant again. Her second child is due April 2011. I think Megyn Kelly is really, really beautiful, but I hate this pic in GQ. From the neck up she looks hard, from the neck down, not so much. I think it’s the eye makeup. See the baby bump video below.

UPDATE: Valentine’s Day 2013: Megyn announced she and Doug are expecting their third child. No due date available.

But I hate Kelly’s second photo, seen at The Other McCain, even more (just move on past the pic of Kinsy Schofield to get to Megyn…you know you can scroll back up).

Kelly in the red hooker shoes has the same harsh eye make-up. Trust me, I know this is not a look she loves. The spread that hit the newsstand last week is for GQ’s 2010 Man of the Year issue (I’m sure it IS a look GQ’s readers love). If you have good eyesight, you can read the GQ interview here.

No word on the date of the photo shoot. If it was anywhere in the past four months, Kelly posed for GQ a bit pregnant. So what do you think…do you love the photos, or not so much?

Megyn Kelly is Pregnant Again – See the Baby Bump! (video)

  • I see no purpose for a woman that wants the world to consider her “smart” to pose in such a provocative manner. She looks like a tramp.

    And I’m very tired of seeing naked women on half of the conservative blogs. It’s not the best way to get our message out.

    • Adrienne, I didn’t get this either. I would think if she wanted a provocative pic for her portfolio, it would not be one so trashy.

  • The pic is okay minus the dark around her eyes. It definitely could have been better in my opinion.

    Love your new site, Maggie!

    • I agree Teresa. I hope you didn’t have a difficult time with my page loading. My host says they are working on it.

  • :l