Megyn Kelly Bill O’Reilly: WikiLeaks Charges: Espionage Execution Life in Prison Video

I do not agree with Bill O’Reilly on much these days, and even less with Washington insider, Britt Hume, but I’m with Bill all the way on this one. The second video below is Bill’s comments on Traitors in America, starring Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly

Bill O’Reilly Britt Hume on WikiLeaks and Obama

See the entire video with O’Reilly and Hume here. The following video is O’Reilly’s Memo: There are Traitors in America

O’Reilly: Traitors in America

  • The second video won’t load for me, but there are indeed traitors in America, many of whom are in BO’s cabinet and actually, BO is a traitor too. Anyone who commits treason should be held accountable and suffer the traditional punishment for it.