Joe Scarborough Suspended: MSNBC Suspends Scarborough for Campaign Donations

MSNBC continues to show their idiocy on the heels of suspending Keith Olbermann for two days for making campaign contributions to Democrats. Now they’ve suspended Joe Scarborough from his Monday Joe program for two days for contributions to Republicans. Scarborough’s donations to State office candidates in Florida. I don’t know who Olbermann donated to, and don’t care.

Joe Scarborough

Scarborough donated a total of $2,000. In a statement, he says he knows he has an obligation to follow company policy. He also said his donations were only to “close personal friends” and  “family.”

I gave a number of $500 contributions to my brother and three longtime family friends. These contributions were nothing more than simple acts of friendship. I gained nothing personally, politically, or professionally from these donations.

I don’t care who you are, as long as you follow the IRS and FEC guidelines, you should be able to donate to whom you want. MSNBC has stated that a journalist cannot be objective while donating to their chosen political causes. If that’s the case, they’ve hired the wrong person; an unprofessional person – which fits Keith Olbermann like a leotard. What that means is, if there is no objectivity, they have to be lying part of the time, if not all of the time.

If an anchor is charged with reporting the news, and giving his opinion as well, then let him/her do it. Do we really think we can righteously take away a person’s right to support political campaigns, within the law? Olbermann’s suspension could have been for poor ratings. Liberals don’t watch much news, but they threw a hissy-fit when he was suspended. He returned to MSNBC with much improved ratings for those initial shows. It will be interesting to see where they are in another month.

In the meantime, RINO Joe Scarborough will sit out his two days, and probably continue to grovel rather than speaking out for his free speech.

  • good news Mag and nice new site girl!!!!

    • Thanks Angel. So glad you like it.

  • I think they wanted a reason to fire him. His rating were low.

    • They say he is just getting suspended. I definitely think that was the plan when they “indefinitely” suspended Olbermann. Then the hissy-fit and I guess firing a Republican for supporting his brother wouldn’t go over well.

  • Does anyone care? Does anyone watch him? What is MSNBC? Heh.

    • I don’t think many do – care or watch.