Hermila Garcia Quinones Mexican Police Chieftess Dead: One Down Three to Go

Marisol Valles Garcia, the 20-year old female student Police Chief in the Mexican State of Chihuahua is now one of three female Police Chiefs in the State, where there were four. Hermila Garcia Quinones, named to the position last month in the town of Meoqui, was found murdered in her car today. See an update below.

In Ciudad Juarez, also in Chihuahua, eighteen bodies were found in several graves today. Earlier in November another 18 bodies were found buried after being kidnapped from vacations in Acapulco.

Hermila Garcia Quinones was chased by gunmen in two trucks and killed as she drove to work. No one is arrested or even suspected. Chihuahua is responsible for about one-third of all drug war fatalities

Marisol Valles Garcia was named Chief of Police in Praxedis Guadalupe Guerrero in October. She carries no weapons, other than “principles and values.” She is still alive. I can’t imagine how, or for how long.

Update 11/30/10: Hermila Garcia was 38 years old. She was an attorney, single with no children.

  • This is terrorism, pure and simple. And if we don’t control our border, it’ll be coming soon to a town near you.

    • Cesar

      This comment deleted by Maggie for profane and aggressive language.

      • H. Jablome

        since when did border security become racism? We have the longest unsecured border in the world. Anywhere else it would be fenced and patrolled. Do we need better governors? Sure, ones that will build a goddamn fence and a moat with Alligators.

        • H. Jablome, I agree with you. Build the Fence! And do it now. Thank you for your spirited comment. I appreciate it.

      • Cesar, I DO NOT excuse you. I am not a junkie. No one I know is a junkie and on this blog you will not blame Americans for what happens in Mexico. If you are Mexican and live in Mexico, buck up and take responsibility for your country. I would say “man-up” but you are obviously happy to let a 20 year old woman (mother) try to keep peace among some of the worst murderers on the face of the earth. Where are the Mexican men?

        You are way off track when you try to make my article racist. Accusing me of racism for this article is juvenile. Keep that in mind.

  • And after the women are murdered, maybe they will put children into the police chief positions. More fodder for the shooting gallery. 🙁

    • Opus, I know Marisol Valles is seen as a hero, as I’m sure Hermila was, but I frankly believe putting women in these positions is an insane policy – especially a woman with a child.

      If their murder would spur Mexico to actually get this cleaned up, I might feel differently, because a death might be productive, but I don’t think that’s the case here.

      • HermilaGarcia

        No one puts them in that position they put themselves in it, hermila loved her job and had no fear in it she died doing her job just like any other cop fireman solider etc! Marisol is a big mouth show off that needs to quit thinking they won’t kill her for the hell of it she’s mouthin off about the cartels yet doesn’t get killed but my auntie dies when she spoke no word of them. Hmm makes u wonder what side marisol is in..

        • If I understand you correctly, Hermila Garcia was your Aunt?Thank you telling us a bit about her. There was little information yesterday.

          To be clear, I have nothing against women in law enforcement at the highest levels but I do think the extreme violence in Mexico calls for much more drastic measures.

          Police and Firemen should not routinely die at the hands of gangs. I’m sorry for the loss of this young woman. What a great waste. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.

  • Real World

    Yeah Matt, it’s terrorism made with weapons (90%) that came from Arizona, where you can buy an assault weapon like an aspirin box.
    It’s terrorism made with the dirty money of millions of drug addicts at the north of the borderline.
    Yes Matt, that’s true terrorism and their sponsors.
    Yeah Matt, it’s terrorism as you are trying to scare others with your xenophobic agenda.

    • Mike

      So your admitting that it is terrorism, but pointing fingers trying to explain it or justify it. Your intelligent!! If you truly understood human nature, you’d be able to remember from history that you do NOT need a gun to kill someone. Doesn’t matter if they have guns and it certainly doesn’t matter where they got them from. The fact is; they honestly don’t even need them. If they wanted to kill you, they would by simply snapping your neck.

      • Mike, who is the “Your intelligent!” intended for? I think I understand your comment, if it is directed at Real World.

        I’ll reply once I’m clear.

    • Real World: this is not a forum. DO NOT come here and attack my commenters. Say what you want to say, and if you say it politely, without personal attacks, I’ll let the comment stay up.

      As to the gist of your comment, it doesn’t matter where a person gets a gun, the fault is always with the shooter.

    • Jimmy

      Your statement that 90% of the cartels weapons came from Arizona is misleading at best. The truth of the matter is that 29,000 guns were collected from crime scenes between the years 2007-2008, of those firearms 11,000 were submitted to the ATF for tracing, of those 11,000 only 5,114 were traced back to America, this leads to roughly 17% of the cartels weaponry, coming from America. The vast majority of their weapons come from Russia, South and Central America, Asia, and the Mexican Military. These weapons include grenades, RPGs, and fully automatic assault rifles.

      Now to get to the drug issue. Where do you think the cartels get these drugs? The answer is once again South and Central America. Every year Mexico is flooded with tons of cocaine, through their southern border. If Mexico could close that souther border they could stop a large percentage of the cartels profit.

  • Jimmy, thank you for the informed reply to commenter Real World.

  • …semoga masih ada insan yang berani sepertinya

  • American Man

    To the guy saying most of the guns do not come from USA.

    LIES!!!! Most of the guns in mexico are made in the united states.
    Yes most of them do have the numbers scratched off but we all know the looks american guns have. more then 50% come from america PROMISE.

    In south america/mexico, the gun laws are so strict there arent any gun factories they get there money worth buying guns from usa using american citizens to buy the guns and hand it off for cash and scratch away.

    • American Man, it doesn’t matter where the guns come from. The gun can’t kill without someone loading it and pull the trigger. The pulling the trigger bears ALL the blame. Grow up.

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