Eleanor Clift The Cult of Obama

Newsweek writer Eleanor Clift says Obama’s problem is that there is “too much hero worship around him,” there is a reluctance “to fault him.” What Clift fails to acknowledge is that media created this Cult, not “the people,” not even the ACORN-er-types who came out in droves to vote the first half-Black president into office. The sheep were simply following the herder, the media had the podium.

The Cult of Obama

Clift, a Hillary supporter before she had to choose Obama, opined this summer that Obama had not blamed Bush enough. But you and I, and millions of others sees his lack of respect for the Constitution, America and her people. Obama hasn’t a clue how to run a Republic because he doesn’t believe in republicanism. It’s that simple.

The bankers on Wall Street are doing fine, but the other 80 percent of the country is hurting, and that’s not supposed to happen when a Democrat is in the White House.

But what about Carter? Sweeping Jimmy Carter under the rug is popular today with Liberals. What about Bill Clinton? Clinton moved away from the extreme left for one reason: he had too. His socialist wife almost brought his presidency to its knees.

She wants hard-nosed policies for those losing their homes, but stays away from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Maxine Waters, and their devastating polices that brought on the housing meltdown.

Liberals see Obama’s cultism as romantic. When media speaks of his “hero worship,” it’s not a criticism – it’s affirmation that he should indeed be worshipped. From Clift’s stance today, not much has changed. How about digging-in? Write comprehensive pieces about those around who are doing what you accuse them of doing. Your current fluff piece will be laughed at by those you are talking about – his staff and advisers. So expose them, Eleanor. Get specific.

Where was Eleanor Clift and  the truth when it counted? Today she gets paid for lamenting the very Cult of Obama that she helped create, and offers no remorse. I hope she has sleepless nights often.

  • All Obama has around him are Yes Men. He hears no dissent, sees only the roses of his imaginary garden, thinks only good thoughts. He and his followers live in a fantasy world. It is too bad that the rest of us live in the rea world. Things aren’t pretty or rosy here.