DREAM Act Your Nightmare: Get on the Phone Call These Senators

It’s the usual suspects, top among them Senator John McCain, trying to push the DREAM Act through while there are fewer Republicans in the Senate than there will be in January. To clarify, McCain hasn’t released a statement of how he will vote. That’s very troubling. It can only mean he is considering voting for DREAM [Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act).

Next week is Thanksgiving week, and everyone is busy, busy – but friends, we must work on this shortened list below. We must phone, fax and email – and if you live in Arizona, Alaska, Maine or Kansas, don’t fail us. Your voice must be strong. At the same time all of must be engaged in this emergency effort.

Until McCain’s 2008 run for the Oval Office, he was a fierce supporter of amnesty, and sponsored the egregious Kennedy-McCain amnesty legislation which thankfully failed in 2007.

During the 2008 presidential campaign McCain pledged that “he got the message,” and tried to give the impression that he wouldn’t get in the amnesty mudpuddle again. But today, he hasn’t made up his mind, or if he has he isn’t telling us.

To clear up what our RINO Republicans have to think about, this from Michele Malkin:

The open-borders progressives’ “DREAM Act” is an electoral nightmare. It’s not just an illegal alien student bailout. It’s a 2.1 million future Democrat voter recruitment drive. The “path to citizenship” dangled by Obama is a superhighway to generations of big government-birthed, identity politics-nursed dependents.

…The progs’ plan has always been to exploit the massive population of illegal aliens to redraw the political map and secure a permanent ruling majority.

The Washington Times:

Under the current version of the legislation, any illegal alien, regardless of his or her current age, who arrived in this country prior to age 16, would qualify for amnesty simply by enrolling in some educational program or the military. In addition to green cards, DREAM Act beneficiaries would be entitled to billions of dollars (which the federal government doesn’t have) in educational assistance programs and in-state tuition subsidies in whatever states they happen to reside.

The Other McCain (no relation to the Senator) says “call it the Million Anchor Baby Amnesty Act, or call it the Abolition of merican Sovereignty Act.”

Here’s the contact information, again courtesy of Michelle Malkin who says, “know your fence sitters:”

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN 202-224-2235; 480-897-6289: Staff says he “hasn’t made a public statement” and “hasn’t made up his mind.” He talked a tough border security game to get re-elected, while promising illegal alien activists he would “resolve their issues.” (Refresh your memories here.)

Arizona, you chose to re-elect him. You get what you deserve.

SEN. OLYMPIA SNOWE 202-224-5344; 207-874-0883: Staff says she “hasn’t released a statement.”

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS 202-224-2523; 207-945-0417: Staff says she “hasn’t released a public statement.”

SEN. LISA MURKOWSKI 202-224-6665; 907-271-3735: Staff says she’s “still reviewing the bill.”

SEN. SAM BROWNBACK 202-224-6521; 785-233-2503 Staff says he “hasn’t had a chance to look at it” and remains non-committal.

Brownback exits the Senate in January as he returns to Kansas and the governor’s office. His farewell speech was stirring (stirring the acid in the stomach, that is):

“As I leave the Senate, my hope for this country is that we return to the virtues of the ‘greatest generation.'”

At this late date, surely Brownback doesn’t think the “greatest generation” would approve of giving millions of illegals U.S. citizenship, followed by the invasion from their family back home.

If you’re not so sure about defeating DREAM, take a look at the analogy given at Conservative Hideout, and think hard about it.

Malkin’s first list of fence-sitters has dwindled a bit. There may still be Democrats undecided but we cannot risk not moving every Republican to vot against DREAM. So think about it. Did taxpayers pay for the education of your children? Do you want to pay for educating illegals? I didn’t think so. This a nightmare. Get on the phone and make those calls, fax and email, and if you can’t get your Senator on the phone, insist on speaking with an aide and get his/her name.

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