Don Sessions Beer Can: Pledge of Allegiance on Cans a Fed No-No

An Oklahoma man is fighting for the right to print the Pledge of Allegiance on beer cans for his brand, Ol’ Glory. Notice I said he is “fighting” for this right. The federal government’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has rejected the labeling.

Don Sessions Beer Can and Pledge of Allegiance

Don Sessions says he will sue the feds. The feds say the Pledge of Allegiance is the “official” pledge to the flag by an act of Congress. Apparently the federal government “owns” ‘our’ Pledge of Allegiance, which Session pointed out on Fox this morning, only few American can recite these days.

“I’m losing money, that’s why I’m suing,” he said. “I’m going to spend every nickel I got on this deal.”

The pledge is important to the beer can label because it honors the nation and military, but also stresses the words “Under God,” he said.

“I’m a Christian,” Sessions said. “I want to put God in every bar in the country. God is already in the churches. Why not the bars?”

Don Sessions is a native of my home state Oklahoma. He lives in Los Angeles but has a warehouse in Oklahoma City. He says he got the idea for Ol’ Glory and The Pledge after a National Guardsman told him “we drink one energy drink but we’d drink a six-pack of beer.” Sessions’ main products are energy drinks sold in 42 states.

So we ask, what if a less than reputable entity decided to do the same? What if a Liberal beer producer put The Pledge on the can in a less than patriotic way. The answer is simple, we don’t buy the beer and it fails. We let the marketplace decide. If it wasn’t the day before Thanksgiving I’d give this some thought and research, because I’m positive there are many, many examples of the desecration of Free Speech by the Left that the ATTTB has approved.

Ol’ Glory’s can, along with The Pledge of Allegiance also proudly displays the words “United We Stand,” the image of the U.S. Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima and “Not Endorsed by the United States Government.

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