Delaware Corrupt Bastards ‘Forget’ to Air O’Donnell Campaign Ad Video

Sarah Palin referred to Alaskan reporters as “corrupt bastards” after plotting to portray Joe Miller’s followers in a bad light. Today we know “corrupt bastards are spread from Alaska to Delaware. Christine O’Donnell. The O’Donnell campaign paid for two local ads, which the TV station “forgot” to air. View this very effective video ad below. I can see why the corrupt bastards in the press didn’t want this ad to get out. It is one of the most effective campaign ads I’ve seen.

Christine O’Donnell

Christine O’Donnell: We the People – Delaware Speaks

If you missed the Palin story “Corrupt Bastards,” read it here.

Thanks to Weazel Zippers for the story

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook
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