Climate Treaty Backdoored – Skips Congress? Congessional Executive Agreement

Nevermind that U.S. participation in the Kyoto Treaty is not happening, Barack Obama is expected to enter into some kind of second generation treaty known as Kyoto II, through a “Congressional-Executive agreement strategy.” Can such a thing possibly be Constitutional?

When Congress refused to label CO2 a “public danger,” Obama gave the EPA the go-ahead to do it through an EPA “rule.” Barely a squeak was heard out of the hallowed halls of Congress.

The EPA’s Ms. Jackson and President Obama’s energy and climate czar Carol Browner have said they would prefer Congress to take action but are prepared to move ahead in the absence of lawmakers crafting their own law.

And so they did.

Congress has tried “deeming.” Obama issues “Executive Orders” like sending someone to the copy machine, and now an “Congressional-Executive Agreement” strategy. How much in “agreement” does Congress have to be to make this strategy work?

Consider this quote from Obama after Democrats lost the House of Representatives on November 2nd:

…there are other ways to skin that cat

This backdooring is obviously unconstitutional. We have two years to watch this President try to sneak his will past the House and Senate. It’s time to tell Congress they WILL NOT shirk the duties they are paid to do and… are sworn to do.

The Lonely Conservative has all the details, and links to the crucial references.

  • It’s getting rather old, seeing how the President and the Democratic Congress is trying to go around behind the back of the Constitution to get what they want. Is nothing sacred to these people?

  • Susan

    . We have two years to watch this President try to sneak his will past the House and Senate.”

    Wrong, we’re out of time. Impeach now.