Bobby Jindal: Obama’s Security a Treatise on Social Justice Video: A “Dumb and Dangerous” Strategy

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal says Obama’s security strategy is a “treatise on social justice.” Jindal is spot-on. I’ve generally viewed Social Justice as a movement for Black and Hispanic Americans, but Jindahl includes Islam, as well. I think he might be right. Undeniably, the new Civil Rights is Social Justice. See the video below

Bobby Jindal

Jason Mattera interviewed Jindal for Human Events:

…the Louisiana Governor argued that Obama’s inability to talk honestly about radical Islam stems from the President’s erroneous perception of why the threat even exists.

“We just need to give these poor people more money and there will be more opportunities, less violence, less terrorism,” Jindal said of the White House’s way of tackling global Jihad…

“Why in the world do we have TSA examiners who are groping 6-year-old children flying home to see grandma for the holidays? Why in the world are we acting like we don’t have intelligence assets and common sense? Not using our intelligence and not using our common sense, that’s called dumb. This is a dumb strategy that we’re pursuing.”

Jindal, in a two-part interview says “This is a dumb strategy that we’re pursuing.” Read it at the link above.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on Obama’s “Dumb” Security Strategy

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