Army’s Secret Smart Weapon XM-25: XM25 Game Changing Weapon

Think of an enemy hiding behind a rock. An enemy you cannot see. An enemy you can pull the trigger and hit anyway. Our military will eventually have this game-changing smart weapon as early as next year. See a fascinating video below.

The name of this new weaponry technology is XM25 Counter Defilade Targeting Engagement System

The XM25 – which is not much bigger than a standard service rifle – fires 25 mm rounds that can be programmed to explode on impact, in front of or behind an object. The weapon allows soldiers to kill enemies hiding behind walls or other cover by firing above, or to the side, of the wall from up to 700 meters away.

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The XM-25: Army’s Smart Weapon

  • I want one lol

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    The video is really nice!!Great post!!

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    Wow! my son just peep in on what I am looking at, He cried coz he want that toy LOL.

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    wow.. i think that’s really cool.. my kid seems to like it.. but ofcourse i would teach him first not to use it in violence

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    That’s cool. Is that even affordable? Maybe we can make use of that during our ROTC training.

  • Jolly Belle

    Guns for war keeps on improving, while peace are behind the corner waiting for the proper time to emerge victorious. I fear that these weapons of war will be used by terrorists for oppression.

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    War is really a lucrative business, they are always thinking to innovate more sophisticated one. That, only the few will benefit.

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    Is that gun for real in the picture? What a pity, we give so much emphasis on making guns and ammo and give small budget to research on health and education.If that is a toy, then it looks real.

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    A weapon like that they will surely respect army..

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    Those are the future weapon, great video too.

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    cool…i’m pretty sure my nephew will love this game, although sometimes i avoid him to play violent game.

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    That’s cool!But more expensive than the usual I bought for my kids.Thank you for posting.

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    I love that video, awesome. That should be our future weapon.

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