Ann Marie Buerkle Wins! Dan Maffei Concedes! NY25 Goes GOP

Very welcome news for Republicans. Republican Ann Marie Buerkle has finally won the U.S. House seat for New York’s 25th District. Incumbent Democrat Dan Maffei has finally done the right thing and conceded.

Congresswoman-elect Anne Marie Buerkle

My friend Karen at The Lonely Conservative has been active with the Buerkle campaign when her busy schedule allowed. I think she would tell you being behind the scenes has been both fascinating and frustrating. She attended Buerkle’s press conference today. You can get the latest scoop at Finally! Dan Maffei Concedes in NY25!

The Other McCain has news of another Democrat concession in Texas-27th, and says “this is the most House seats held by the Republicans since 1949.” There’s this as well:

One of the most-overlooked results of the national GOP landslide was that the state legislature in Alabama, which had been controlled by Democrats since . . . . well, since forever, was swept by Republicans. And now four Democrat incumbents who managed to get re-elected Nov. 2 have switched parties to join the GOP majority.

Buerkle’s win is apparently a surprise to some, but Lonely Conservative has been telling us for awhile now that Buerkle “was a strong contender in this race.” I believe the new Republican House seats are now at 63. Click the link above and tell The Lonely Conservative you appreciate her diligent work for the GOP and for this fine conservative woman, Ann Marie Buerkle.

  • Resistance Is Futile. 🙂
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • This is great news. I was very worried about this one. The Democrats are masters of fraud and I was very afraid they were going to steal this one.

  • This is great news. Of course, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Democrat’s failed agenda. It’s like. we. are. kinda. dumb. er. somtin.

  • This is wonderful news! Happy Thanksgiving, Maggie.

  • Thanks, Maggie. She is a fine conservative woman, and she said she won’t compromise her principles. Good for her.