Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport Uses Scanners – Less Intrusive Scanners

Schipol Airport in Amsterdam where Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded a flight with explosives in his underpants and bound for the U.S. now uses scanners, and they are far less intrusive scanners in imaging and radiation than those used in the U.S., and they are U.S.-made.

Schipol Amsterdam Stick Figure Image Scans

Schipol says their scanners made by L-3 Communications Security & Detection Systems in Woburn, Massachusetts – more than a dozen of them – detect metallic and non-metallic materials including explosives, gels, powders and liquids.

So why is the U.S. not using these far less intrusive, Massachusetts-manufactured scanners, with much, much lower levels of radiation – about “10,000 times lower? Maybe the manufacturer is not a Washington, D.C. insider, George Soros isn’t invested in them, and/or their CEO is not invited to State Dinners. Can this be the answer?

This report says our TSA has ordered 200 ProVision Systems from L-3 Communications, which does not the include the “automatic threat detector” used in Amsterdam, but we have contracted with the company to provide software updates that will bring these machines up to that level.

Now we wait for less intrusive, safer scanners. No one knows the estimated software arrival date. In the meantime, some radiation experts are concerned about the radiation levels received, especially radiation to the skin. These researchers asked the government for an independent panel to assess the risk level. The request was denied.

How did the Schipol Amsterdam Airport provide a less intrusive, but effective system for their people, than the U.S.? What is happening to America?

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