Alan Simpson: The Greediest Generation but…Medicare isn’t Free

Deficit Commission Co-Chair Republican Alan Simpson, lauded the “Greatest Generation” and slammed those who are on Medicare, or will be in not too many years, as “the greediest generation.”

Milking the Greediest Generation and beyond

We had some favorite forty-somethings over for Thanksgiving dinner who were shocked to learn that those on Medicare actually pay for coverage. They thought it was free – for life, and we can’t blame them. If you listen to the discussions about Medicare, I believe the goal is to give the impression that coverage is free. It isn’t free and it isn’t even almost free. During the discussion over turkey, dressing and the best sweet potatoes to be served on any table, anywhere, it was determined that a couple will pay just under $700 per month per couple for coverage.

Simpson said after revealing his committee’s recommendations for slashing our Nation’s debt, he received an abundance of “vicious” mail and comments:

People I’ve known, relatives [saying], ‘You son of a bitch. How could you do this?’ ”

Here are my suggestion, and I’m offering the motto: “Every dollar matters – don’t even think of talking about percentages:”

1) Defund and repeal the illegal ObamaCare. Oddly, the commission left it as it is – not a word about the devastating cost of the unconstitutional program designed to enslave Americans to a single payer system, destroying every American’s right to choose what they can afford, and what they desire or feel is best for their family. In 2004, the latest numbers I can find, show Health and Human Services employed 67,000 with a budget of $845 BILLION.

2) Cut out Medicare fraud, estimated at $55 BILLION each year. Make the administrators of Medicare and Medicaid responsible for fraudulent payments. Get the huge numbers out of Medicaid that should be working and providing for themselves, as opposed to worrying about Seniors who have taken care of themselves all of their lives, and still continue to pay.

3) Seriously address tort reform, estimated at $100 BILLION every year.  Every American must never forget that Congress refused to do so because most are attorneys. This is the to take revenge in 2012 of any member against tort reform, no matter their party.

4) Drop every penny of aid to illegal aliens. The cost to taxpayers is $113 billion, at least. Continue making the administration pay heavily for suing Arizona for it’s new law (SB 1070) – finish the job at the polls in 2012.

5) Make it illegal for Congress to funnel money to those organization who sign up voters. ACORN received at least $53 million in taxpayer money since 1994. How many different ACORN’s are there out there? Dittos for all youth organizations as most are riddled with Democrat vice – example: AmeriCorp.

In January 2009, the Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS) announced $67+ million available in government grants to AmeriCorp along with other federal grants. Those eligible include “labor organizations” (unions). Never forget that AmeriCorp funnelled some $75 million to illegal sources; some to a high-profile, believed to be a sexual predator (mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson) who is a close friend of Barack and Michelle Obama. An independent Inspector General, Gerald Walpin, was fired by Barack Obama for exposing the fraud.

Kevin Johnson leads a magical life, one charity and several young girls left in the wake he makes, as he jets back and forth to see Rhee in Washington, D.C. An Inspector General who dared expose graft and corruption, especially with one of Obama’s fondest volunteer organizations, AmeriCorps, is now out of the way.

Taxpayers, take revenge!

6) Suspend foreign aid to every country not a true Republic, or undemocratic governance. No more money for any country to use our taxpayer dollars to buy weapons to war against freedom and liberty.  No more discussions about the percentage of GDP. We no longer care about percentages. We care about every dollar, all of which belongs to taxpayers. Why are we giving foreign aid to Russia, one of the world’s top producers of oil?

Did you know a government website gives YOU, the taxpayer another opportunity to make a contribution to pay down the debt? Pick yourself up off the floor – it’s real. You can donate with your credit card or mail a “contribution” to the feds. See it here under “Financing the Debt.” Warren Buffet didn’t get the memo.

7) Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) shows these earmark expenditures receiving their annual Oinker Award:

  • $465,000,000 for the alternate engine for the Joint Strike Fighter;
  • $5,000,000 for the Presidio Heritage Center in California;
  • $1,000,000 for Portsmouth Music Hall in New Hampshire;
  • $400,000 for the USA Swimming Foundation in New Jersey;
  • $300,000 for Carnegie Hall in New York City;
  • $250,000 for the Monroe County Farmer’s Market in Kentucky;
  • $200,000 for the Washington National Opera in the District of Columbia; and
  • $206,000 for wool research in Montana, Texas, and Wyoming.

Hawaii received the most federal dollars for earmarks in fiscal 2010 – $326+ million. That is $252 dollars for each person in Hawaii, that you and I have to pay back. Total pork projects for 2010 totled $16.5 billion. Don’t even think about mentioning the low percentage of the budget these projects represent. Every dollar stands on it own.

Did you know that we allocate millions to “anonymous” pork projects? In 2010, $12.5 million was allocated to anonymity.

Citizens Against Government Waste is a fabulous resource. This week they’ve issued an alert on the government’s “sugar program.”

The program is ostensibly aimed at ensuring that there is an adequate supply of sugar for the U.S. market.  Unfortunately, it has harmful effects, giving generous handouts to wealthy farmers and driving jobs overseas.  CAGW also released a new report, The Bitter Taste of Sugar, which details the numerous flaws in the program.

The sugar program has done the opposite of what it was intended to do, while costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.  Instead of helping out small U.S. sugar farmers, this program has instead “concentrated a vast amount of wealth in the hands of a few large individuals and conglomerates,” according to CAGW’s report.  The wealthiest one percent of sugar farmers receives 60 percent of the subsidies.  The sugar program inflates the price of sugar to at least twice the world price of the commodity, which has the effect of decreasing domestic sugar refining jobs as well as secondary jobs in industries that use sugar, such as candy, cereal, and baked goods manufacturers.

The CAGW’s Prime Cuts database outlines cuts that will save taxpayers $350 billion IN THE FIRST FISCAL YEAR, and $2.2 TRILLION over five years.

“While   CAGW’s Prime Cuts is not the only answer, it will help reduce the $1.3 trillion deficit, the $13.7 trillion national debt, and keep more money in the hands of individuals and small businesses that can more directly address the stubborn 9.6 percent jobless rate,” said CAGW President Tom Schatz.

7) No where did the Deficit Commission clue Obama that his policies are killing jobs and the production that generates revenue. If not the Commission, then who, besides the voters? Read a good discussion of Government spending kills jobs at Real World Libertarian (which I thank for the graphic).

Simpson’s “greediest generation” is paying for the world with their tax dollars, including financing voter fraud at the polls here at home. He calls the children of the Greatest Generation “greedy,” slashing their benefits, without a single thought to addressing tort reform, Medicaid, illegal migrants or returning stolen Social Security dollars to the lockbox where it belongs. The “greediest generation” will be at the polls. Democrats can’t kill them off with Obamacare quick enough to change the vote in 2012.

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