Saturday Rule 5 on Friday: Good Witch Bad Witch Round-Up

I had such fun with my first Saturday Rule 5 last week, I’m going for my second. This is Saturday Rule 5 on Friday: Good Witch – Bad Witch Round-up. Can you guess the identity of the Bad Witch? See a very entertaining look into witchcraft in the video below.

Elizabeth Montgomery – Good Witch

If you are not familiar with Rule 5 posts, R.S. McCain at The Other McCain came up with 5 rules to make a blog successful. Rule 5 specifically addresses the fact that everybody loves a pretty girl, all politics all the time gets boring after awhile, sex sells, and feminism sucks.

I will be linking other Rule 5 posts here as soon as they pop on my radar. A word of caution: my Rule 5 is…well, not as overtly sensual as some you may see, should you click some other Rule 5 link. What’s that? Oh…you ARE looking for “overt sensuality,” then run over to Bob’s posts at The Camp of the Saints and keep checking back for links to more.

My Rule 5 mentor, Opus_6 at American Perspective:Lindsay Lohan, Mean Girl/Sweet Girl/Troubled Girl.

Donald Douglas at American Power Blog: Alana Blanchard Rule 5 Encore and a bonus: Marisa Miller Rule 5 Roundup!

Rule 5 Founder: The Other McCain: Rule 5 Sunday Halloween Extra

For a different twist on Rule 5, republicanMother has her first today, with a great song by Johnnie Cash.

Theo Spark serves up a Sunday Totty…..

William Teach at Pirate’s Cove Sunday Pinup – Happy Halloween!

My first Rule 5 is here.

Rule 5 Retro
Bewitching Witch
Elizabeth Montgomery


lizzie09.jpg (371×450)

Rule 5
Muggle-Born Witch

Emma Watson

Remember the adorable Hermoine Granger, Harry Potter’s female-genius-pal witch? Emma Watson is 20 years old today and still adorable, and will likely remain my favorite witch for a very long time.

Emma Watson - emma-watson photo


emma watson8 Hermione to Emma Watson Evolution
emma watson7 Hermione to Emma Watson Evolution



Michelle Pfeiffer
Witches of Warwick


Michelle Pfeiffer - michelle-pfeiffer photo


Michelle Pfeiffer - michelle-pfeiffer photo


And the Bad Witch
The BWitchiest of BWitches
The Wicked Witch of the Left

The video is a clip from the Witches of Eastwick – very funny!
The Witches of Eastwick: Have Another Cherry (video)

Nancy Pelosi graphic courtesy of Politifake
Emma Watson Photos courtesy of AllPics


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