Quote of the Day: 10-20-10 From Silverfiddle

Fellow-blogger and friend SilverFiddle at Western Hero went to a rally for Ken Buck last night. He heard the rumor that MoveOn.org would be there, so he stood outside to support Buck. It’s a great post about how an individual makes a difference…begrudgingly. Here’s the quote of the day from Silver:

They were handing out “Bucks” with Ken’s picture on them.  I got a rousing cheer from my side when I waved one in the air and shouted:

“These will be worth more than the real thing by the time Obama gets done printing money!” 

One more from Silver on a previous post about Christine O’Donnell, for your amusement, and for some heavy commentary about O’Donnell.

The hooting baboons in Left Blogistan are having a field day, beating their bananas and slinging poop all over the candidacy of Christine O’Donnell.