Keith Ablow: Americans in Denial About Obama

Dr. Keith Ablow says Americans are in Denial about Barack Obama. “The mind and the soul are fitted with shock absorbers triggered only by the biggest bumps in the road.” Well America, if we haven’t had a bump in the road the size of the Grand Canyon, we’ve at least plunged into a sink hole the size of Guatemala’s world record holder.

Guatemala Sinkhole
Cutting to the chase, it IS about race. Many cannot bear to believe that a Black man could so severely destruct the American dream. Well, Obama the Black Man has done that, and his agenda-engine is still speeding down the track. American Democrats must begin to recognize the numerous brilliant Blacks who just happen to be conservative…not necessarily Republican, but conservative with a great love for this Nation and a profound knowledge of what made America great: economists Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter Williams, and Herman Cain a successful business man with vast experience in creating profitable businesses nationwide, to mention a few Liberals could not keep out of the public eye.


Ablow, a psychiatrist, best-selling author and contributor at Fox News notes what you and I have known before The Time of Obama began:

…the Obamas are profoundly ambivalent about whether America and Americans have historically been a force for good or ill in the world. This is why the president has repeatedly apologized for America’s behavior, in a way that not only signals other nations that our leader is at best uncertain about our moral character, but may plant self-doubt about our decency in own population.

It is why the president would remain in a church where the pastor has been quoted as saying, “God damn, America!” and would bring his children to that church to listen and learn.

Whether Black, White, Hispanic or Asian, Americans want a president who values Liberty above his own life, and will do whatever is necessary to guard and defend our Constitution, rather than believing it to be a document with “deep flaws”.  It is not about the color of skin. It IS about the vision for an even greater American through limited government practicing fiscal accountability and fostering an environment for personable responsibility. Community organizers are in direct opposition of those ideals.

Ablow is right. Many who voted for Obama – those who still want a share of his stash, voted for him because they believed he would right the wrongs of racism. Instead, he has made it painfully obvious that the Blacks still following him are the racists. In the name of Social Justice, Obama has brought an extreme racist to the Department of Justice, allowing the Nation to descend to a lawlessness never thought possible in this country – and his followers have cheered that their man is “putting it to the Whites.”

Flash forward to today, those Obama voters thinking their White-guilt would slide would slide from their shoulders if they only cast a vote for him, find being Black, and considered eloquent, articulate and “clean,” – a Harvard graduate,  who is laughingly considered an expert on the U.S. Constitution, realize that his background and belief in Socialism, Marxism and Communism really does matter. Ablow ends with:

If we were deprived of denial, if we were willing to really listen and really be shocked, if we were willing to be wrong and wronged, we would have to admit that we elected a man to lead our country who just doesn’t express much lover for it – or us.

Still so much to be said…

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