Hacking Update

A quick update on the hacking of this blog. The IP host in California found the hackers and suspended the account. I expect them to quickly set-up again with another host and come back. I’m making plans for that event. They know how to do it now, so no Blogger blog is safe. Google/Blogger did not respond to any of my pleas for help.

I still am not clear about the motive, whether Liberal operative or the sons of Islam. Across the web these people are identified with the country of Kurdistan and their pings are associated with the flag of Kurdistan. Their website is/was written in Arabic.

Since you are visiting here, do not be concerned about visiting a hacked site. There are NO VIRUSES, my contacts are safe – my computer is not compromised.

Bloggers, remember, if you see links from Maggie’s Notebook on your posts, click the arrow next to the link. You’ll see the excerpt there, and if the excerpt does not seem related to my post title, I did not put the link(s) there. The only consequence of the hack, as far as I can see, is linking each one of my posts to other conservative blogs. That’s it…nothing dangerous, but obviously annoying for my friends.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook
Content Scrapers: Until I can figure out what to do about your confiscation of my work for your own website, please be sure to give a link back as shown above.