David Hartleys Mexican Homicide Investigator Beheaded: Rolando Armando Flores Head Delivered in Suitcase

Last week the news was all about Tiffany and David Hartley and their ill-fated venture on Lake Falcon, into Mexican waters on jet skis. David Hartley, 30, is believed to have died in Mexican waters of a gun shot to the head. Yesterday, Rolando Armando Flores Villegas, a Mexican Homicide Investigator left his home to search for David. He did not return. Today his head was found in a suitcase outside a military compound in Miguel Aleman, Mexico.

Tiffany and David Hartley

According to Mrs. Hartley, the couple were chased by Mexicans in boats, who were shooting at them. David Hartley was trying to shield his wife and was shot in the head. Mrs. Hartley tried to get him on her jet ski but could not and eventually made it back to the Texas shore, where a man who actually saw the boats chasing her, called 911.

The U.S. and the Hartley family was upset that Mexico maybe did not believe Mrs. Hartley, and it seemed a search was not happening at all. Some on both sides of the border hinted that Tiffany’s story might not be true.

After a police video showed the Hartley’s pulling their jet skis on the way to Falcon Lake, and with the man who called 911 speaking out, Mexico began to search. They also named two brothers, members of the “Zeta drug cartel, as suspects.

On Monday, Tamaulipas state officials continued to deny U.S. and Mexican news reports over the weekend that a Tamaulipas official — one of Flores’ subordinates — had identified two brothers as the men responsible for Hartley’s death.

The Associated Press reported that Tamaulipas State Police unit chief Juan Carlos Ballesteros said investigators believe brothers Juan Pedro and Jose Manuel Saldivar Farias may have killed Hartley as he snapped photos of a partiall submerged church from his personal watercraft at Old Guerrero.

Today came the news that Rolando Armando Flores Villegas, the head of border city of Ciudad Miguel Aleman, with the title of State Police Commandant, lost his life and his head. A spokesman in the area’s Attorney General’s office said the murder of Villegas “had nothing to do with the Hartley probe.”

Mexican authorities want Tiffany Hartley to file a complaint in the Mexican city of Miguel Aleman. I have to believe entering a border town in Mexico is the last thing she wants to do. If the State Police Commandant is not safe, why would Mrs. Hartley believe the could protect her?

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  • After all the smoke had cleared over Mexico City, and Obama’s Never-Never-Land in Washington D.C. month’s ago, didn’t our genius president get the memo that Mr. Hartley was in fact murdered by members of these “Zeta’s”, a group – very well known to me – as I’m an ex-NYC narcotics detective. Why is he the last to acknowledge this fact, and why is he apologizing to Noriega Junior – Felipe Calderon – for “our” complicity in his useless attempt at a “Drug War”?
    Is there any one else sickened by our state of affairs led by our commander in chief?

    These punk Zeta’s are well armed – though extremely amateurish – lowly street corner, drug dealing pugs; shooting and killing women, children and unarmed men, all of which assert to me – and I’m positive – every other American man with a beating heart – and with great validity I say this, that these “Zeta’s”, mostly smallish in stature, are nothing more than cowards who parade around – like children – wearing over sized, tattered military clothing regardless of the fact that they are not in the military! Why would anyone over the age of 10 play dress up?

    This happened once before, Germany, during the frenzied emergence of Nazi-ism. Suddenly, I’m struck by sepia images of Nazi – man-boys – ca. 1930’s who also enjoyed dressing up in pretty little military costumes, surely to fill their lack of humanity – filled with non existent military pride – but also with great certainty, to fill a void they could never quite attain – manhood.

    Now it’s clear, these creepy savages playing dress up – these “Zetas” – are complicit with two murders, that of Mr. Hartley, but also of this brave investigator, and town constable, Rolando Armando Flores Villegas.

    How come this anti-American apologist, the man that sits in “our” United States White House, at the behest of the American people, a man, who in my opinion doesn’t deserve to have his name prefixed by the title to which he was voted into office – President – how come Mr. Obama hasn’t set upon the Mexican government with the ferocity of our great American might, with all of the resources and governmental power at hand; scorching earth, moving heaven and hell – not unlike he did during his signature abysmal failure: Obama’care – how come, at the very least, he hasn’t set upon Mexico’s quasi-government to dredge Lake Falcon for this poor man’s body – David Hartley?

    The smoke has cleared Mr. Obama, there is an American laying DEAD at the bottom of that lake, partially in Mexico, one that shares sovereign water with the United States. This man was murdered in front of his wife, by these cowardly, girlie men playing dress up and strapped with heavy armament. It is about time he stepped up, stopped apologizing for our might, and for once – USE IT FOR THE RIGHT CAUSE – Bring Mr. Hartley home to his wife.