Blogger Quote of the Day 10-24-10: Ran at Si Vis Pacem

Okay, to begin with, I will not pretend that I’ve always known to what the Latin Si Vis Pacem translates. But I didn’t have to look it up because Ran, the Dominus at Si Vis Pacem provides the translation in his banner, and it is advice we must hold dear: If you seek peace, seek first liberty. So visiting Ran, I found his latest post on the truth about Tea Parties finally being told in media such as the Wall Street Journal.

Peggy Noonan wrote the article to which Dominus refers. Noonan is always quote-worthy, but I loved this quote from Ran in response to her article:

In the end, it isn’t even about The Won. It is about the statist-progressive totalitarian agenda. America is an idea, after all. American exceptionalism is merely the aggregate expression of individual achievement obtained with Libery. That’s really all we Teapers want.

 Ronald Reagan and Peggy Noonan

Up top in the article is a portion of Peggy’s Noonan’s WSJ article: How the GOP was saved from Bush and the establishment. Can you guess who she credits? As Ran said, Noonan hit it out of the park. Please visit Ran and check out the article and the comments at Si Vis Pacem, and rejoice along with us, that some major media are beginning “to get it.” And one more…another from the Hoover Institution, also printed in the WSJ.