Video: Here’s a Conservative Woman Who Deserves Your Support

Here’s the complete, uncut video of Ann Marie Buerkle’s Constitution Day speech at her rally for victory tonight. I have to tell you, this woman really gets it. One thing you don’t see in the video are the number of hands that went up when Buerkle asked how many people had never been involved in a political campaign before.

If you don’t know who Ann Marie Buerkle is, or what she stands for, get comfortable, grab a drink and watch this video.

The crowd was quite lively, and quite a few families showed up. My kids were running around having a good ole time.

If I can get my hands on a transcript of this speech I’ll post it here.

This is our chance to send a conservative woman from New York to Congress. Join the Buerkle Brigade!


I’ll update with photos shortly.

Cross posted from The Lonely Conservative, also, see the Dan Maffei (the incumbent statist)goons who infiltrated the event.