Ed Schultz 300000 on October 2 in DC: Ed Schultz March With Me

I wanted my title to be Ed Schultz does Glenn Beck, but decided that might be taken the wrong way. So what I am saying is, Schultz wants to emulate Beck and his Restoring Honor rally. Schultz say on October 2nd: “we’ll get 300000 (he said 300 hundred grand) – meaning 300,000 to show up on the Mall. Will you march with me Pretty please!  See the video below.

Big Eddie Schultz

We’ll show you Conservatives out there, when Big Eddie starts crankin’ on something, we don’t back down until it gets done…

There will be some old, some white people, at the October 2nd rally in Washington D. C, they just won’t be angry, hateful or race baiting.

This guy is a mess.

Ed Schultz: Will You March With Me – Pretty Please! (video)

Cartoon borrowed from Bob McCarty Writes