Renee Ellmers Bob Etheridge: Renee Ellmers End the Stranglehold on Congress Campaign

Republican Renee Ellmers is trying to replace bad-tempered, man-handler Congressman Bob Etheridge in North Carolina’s 2nd District. Etheridge has a million dollar war-chest. The Democrat party is desperate to send Etheridge back to Congress where he has, and will, continue to support their big-spending policies. Ellmers’ End the Stranglehold campaign is underway. See two videos below.

Ellmers has the endorsement of Sarah Palin. She is a nurse, her husband is a physician and they own and operate a medical clinic – making small business and tax-burdens high on the Ellmer’s list of concerns. 
Renee is a solid constitutional conservative. She needs your help now. Can you donate? Will you donate to provide a moneybomb for Renee? This is one of our most important congressional races. There is nothing moderate about Bob Etheridge; in fact, he supported Pelosi and Obama 97 percent of the time. The second video below shows exactly who Bob Etheridge is.
Snippets from a Sanford Herald interview:

Aug. 25–DUNN — Her campaign headquarters is an unfurnished, sparsely decorated brick home just blocks from downtown Dunn. Her office is dimly lit, mostly bare and features a photo of her standing with Elizabeth Dole and Laura Bush.And on this particular day, she’s dressed in jeans and a casual shirt, arriving to work for another day of campaigning and meeting voters….

The health care issue is a two-fold issue for me and my husband, because we’re small business owners, and it hits us from a small business standpoint. But it also hits us from the medical side of it, which we knew would be devastating to the company and devastating to medicine here in our country — moving toward a more socialistic style of health care. And we’ve already seen some of the changes that are coming out that are not good.

The interviewer asked Ellmers what issues she would like to debate her opponent, Bob Etheridge, about. You will applaud her answer:

I’d like to talk about jobs and the stimulus package that he voted for … all the things he’s voted for in the past year, which he’s claimed will bring us jobs. It has not done a thing … the only jobs that have been created from that stimulus package are government jobs. There have been no private sector jobs created, and our economy is in jeopardy and has not moved forward.

So many of us are not active in supporting candidates monetarily. We think our hard-earned money should go to the candidates in our home states, but today we know “politics” are no longer local. Be assured that a congressman’s vote in North Carolina will affect your family, children and grandchildren in Michigan, Colorado or Hawaii. 
For this reason, please consider supporting Renee with whatever dollar amount you are comfortable with now, knowing that your donation is an avenue to a Constitutional Congress. Use your credit card and contribute with Americans across the U.S. to a Renee Ellmers for Congress moneybomb. 

Renee Ellmers Moneybomb (video)

Who’er You! Bob Etheridge (video)