Neal Cavuto Chris Christie: New Jersey Loses $400M Education Grant – Payback for Removing a Democrat Governor

Perhaps you heard last week that the State of New Jersey lost a $400M education grant due to a clerical mistake. New Jersey’s ‘Race to the Top’ application included one incorrect piece of paper. The New Jersey Department of Education erroneously submitted 2010 to 2011 numbers, rather than the requested 2008 – 2009 numbers. Out of 1,000 pages of application and 700 pages of indices, there was a one-page error. Christie asks “does anybody in Washington D.C. have a lick of sense?” Of course, the answer is “NO.” This is what happens in a Democrat administration when you have the audacity to remove a Democrat governor from office. Watch the video for an incredible display of governmental incompetence, idiocy and bias and some analysis by Fox News’ Neal Cavuto.

Neal Cavuto and Governor Chris Christie on Race to the Top Program