Jose Rojas Ute Linhart: Jose Rojas Pushes Ute Linhart into Speeding Train – Identifies Himself as Osama bin Laden

Ute Linhart, a New York creative director for stars like Elton John and Katy Perry was pushed into the side of the fast moving, 400-ton, Manhattan “R” subway train by Jose Rojas who identified himself to police as “Osama bin Laden,  f–k you!” Linhart survived the blow into the train, which threw her violently back onto the platform. She said she saw the tracks but realized she was still alive because she was “in so much pain, she couldn’t possibly be dead.” Can we ask if Jose Rojas is legally in the U.S.?

Ute Linhart

Linhart had left her Fifth Avenue office and was on her way to meet a friend at Times Square. She said she saw Rojas come “creeping up on me.” “He stood next to me for a few seconds and stared at my face. He looked insane.” He pushed her from behind into the train.

Ute Linhart is in Bellvue Hospital with a punctured lung, three broken ribs, her left arm broken in two places and bone fragments in her right cheek, along with other cuts.

Linhart said a quick-thinking good Samaritan grabbed her right arm to soften the blow.

“I would love to find the person who pulled me back,” she said, adding that hordes of riders circled around and told her to hold on.

“A woman came over and told me she’s a nurse and to stay calm,” Linhart said. “I felt well taken care of.”

She was surrounded by people trying to help her, and as Rojas, 25, tried to run, bystanders held him for police. Jose Rojas has no prior record with the New York Police Department, but witnesses said he had been standing on the platform “pointing in a menacing gun-like gesture” at several others waiting for the train.

Jose Rojas, who works as a cook at Cipriani,  has been charged with attempted murder and assault and is held without bail. His attorney, Christine Delince, said the attempted murder charge against Rojas is “excessive.” So what has she been smoking? Like a good Manhattan liberal, Linhart said if she ever sees Rojas again she would “want to know why he acted like a lunatic.”

“I would say ‘Hi, what’s wrong with you? Whats your problem?”

Is there an interest in knowing why he identified himself as “Osama bin Laden? I’m asking again,  is he in the U.S. legally? The Huffington Post refers to Linhart as a “Fashion Big-Wig.”