ACLU Defends Homeowners Arizona Gadsen Patriot Flag

An Arizona Homeowners Association (HOA) has demanded a homeowner remove the Gadsen Don’t Tread on Me flag outside his home outside Phoenix. The ACLU is “urging” the HOA to “adopt a less limited interpretation of their statute.” Yes, I know – amazing!

Andy C.McDonel and the Gadsen Don’t Tread on Me Flag

Andy C. McDonel said his HOA, the Avalon Village Community Association, asked him remove “the debris” from his roof:

“It’s a patriotic gesture,” McDonel, who has vowed to fight the HOA’s mandate, told the Times. “It’s a historic military flag. It represents the founding fathers. It shows this nation was born out of an idea.”

Here is the amazing statement from the ACLU:

“The Gadsden flag meets the spirit of the law. It’s a historic military flag. Many consider it the original American flag, before the Stars and Stripes.

Connecticut and Colorado residents are fighting the same battle. Read more here.