Video: Witness the Community Organizers in Action!

Witness community organizers at work. We’ve heard about how these groups have shaken down banks for decades in order to get the banks to issue risky loans. Here they are, caught on video, storming a bank at the exact moment President Obama signed his disastrous Wall Street bill.

Big Government reported:

The scene was mayhem as forty protestors, including several children brought in tow, stormed into the offices of the Chase branch and began chanting, shouting with a bullhorn, and demanding meetings with the bank principals (there were no principals, as it was a sales branch), but that didn’t matter to protestors.

The group was professionally organized by former Missouri ACORN Midwest director Jeff Ordower, in addition to Hannah Allison, the paid organizer for Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, the newly branded spawn of the Missouri ACORN employees. The group had everything set up. The protestors get inside the building, disrupt the operations, ignore the complaints of office staff, and continue until the police arrive. At that point, the two white organizers negotiate with the police, while the mainly black crowd goes out to the lobby. As more police and building security arrive, the group heads outside, where the organizers speak in measured tones to the compliant local media.

After the bank agreed to renegotiate the terms of a mortgage the group quietly left the scene.

Can you imagine going about your regular business at your local bank and encountering this scene? But we won’t hear anything about these thugs from Pravda the mainstream media or Journolist.