Terrorists Cross Southern Border by Hundreds: Hezbollah Included

Although Obama ordered a revision of our National Security agenda to detach the word “Islam” or “Islamic” or “Muslam” from “terrorist” or “terrorism,” Americans are not so gullible and we detest Kool-Aid.  This mission will be one more he fails at.

In April 2010, the “Words that Work and Words That Don’t: A Guide for Counter-Terrorism Communication was born. Well, we see that Obama doesn’t really communicate well with anyone around the globe (American Progressives, Socialists and Communists excluded). His communication skills are more than a little tarnished, as Islamic terrorism continues to heat-up despite his negotiation skills. The fact is, terrorism is Islamic and is born out of the Muslim holy book.

Take a look at this video and the clear proof of what is considered “hundreds” of Islamists crossing our southern border each year. Thanks to the P/oed Patriot who has more.

Middle Easterners Crossing Our Southern Borders by the Hundreds (video)