Scott Brown: Why Do I Always Have to Vote with Democrats?

Senator Scott Brown asks “Why is it that I’m always the one that has to vote with the Democrats?” If he isn’t regretting that question now, he should be.  How revealing is that? Why would Senator Brown want to reach across the aisle to Democrats when they never reach back, and the bigger question, why would he extend a hand to unconstitutional legislation?

Scott Brown

This article says Republicans haven’t supported Brown’s alternative to the Democrat’s extended unemployment benefits bill. Can it be that Republicans have offered the same over and over and always been ignored? Republicans want the extended benefits paid for with available unused stimulus funds.

“Why is it that I’m always the one that has to vote with the Democrats?’’ Brown lamented. “Bipartisanship is a two-way street, you know? Why can’t they also work together to pay for these things within the budget, within the monies that we already have? Why is it that we always have to add to the deficit?’’

 To that question in the bold type above, we don’t have “to add to the deficit” unless RINOs vote with Democrats. Brown apparently doesn’t watch the news, and apparently doesn’t have an historical clue. Democrats have made it clear they will not pay for extended benefits. Brown says the $35 billion unspent stimulus is a D.C. slush fund, but he appears shocked that Democrats will not capitulate and actually take a portion of a Republican idea. I’m guessing some of the unused stimulus money will somehow make it to some needy Liberal’s campaign war chest.

We’ve been watching this sideshow for years. Democrats never reach across the aisle. Perhaps that’s why he is “always the one that has to vote with Democrats.” Shameful! Maybe he was misquoted? What do you think? Thanks to Fox Nation and Weasel Zippers who had a very nice link there today.

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