Sarah Palin on Troopathon Video

Troopathon is underway and Sarah Palin was one of the Troopathon video guests. See that video below.

Troopathon 2010

Have your sent your care package yet? I know these are tough time, but if you can help this outstanding effort, please do. Go to Troopathon 2010 or better yet, help fellow blogger The Lonely Conservative who is Standing for our Soldiers on the Hot Air Troopathon team again this year. Last year The Hot Air Steamers raised $16,000 for our troops overseas. It takes no more than 3 minutes to have a package on its way.

It is all streaming live at Troopathon 2010. In the meantime, this video is Sarah talking to Troopathon host Melanie Morgan.

Sarah Palin on Troopathon (video)