Rush Limbaughs NYC $11.5 Million Condo Sale

Rush Limbaugh’s NYC Fifth Avenue penthouse condo has sold to an unnamed buyer, but a broker “familiar with the transaction” says the price was about $11.5 million. This is capitalism at its best: Rush reportedly paid under $5 million in 1994 for the penthouse, an additional maid’s room and a storage locker.

Rush Limbaugh’s NYC Penthouse Bedroom
The condo, located one East 86th Street near Fifth Avenue was put on the market in February 2010 with a listed price of $13.95 million. The apartment is the largest in the building, has a private entrance and elevator and is 4,661-square-feet large. The developers of the building received permission to use a Fifth Avenue address even though the locations is 100 feet from Fifth Avenue. Just goes to show that nothing is as it seems.
Limbaugh’s 30′ wide living room in NYC Condo
Limbaugh left New York City to escape galloping taxes and annual New York state audits. Can’t wait for the angst of Lefties forced to lose their tony NYC properties in foreclosure because of ridiculous Democrat-mandated lending policies, not just for the poor, but extended to the rich, now not-s- rich, as well. Don’t you know New York’s elite Left is seething?