PLO PA Flag Flies at State Department: PLO PA Gets Diplomatic Immunity

Hillary Clinton’s State Department has upgraded the status of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) from a “bureau” to a “general delegation.” This moves gets the terrorist organization’s flag flying at “the people’s State Department building. This upgrade will also grant diplomatic immunity to “visitors” of the “delegation,” and gives the PLO and the PA the same status as “Canada and many western European countries.”

Who abides within the “delegation?” Will their terrorist credentials get a security check? Is there anyone in the delegation we will refuse to allow in the U.S.?

Apparently, Netanyahu knew this was coming, didn’t object, and don’t we know, that would be useless anyway:

Israeli Radio reported that sources in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office said that the Prime Minister knew of the planned step and did not object to it. . Diplomatic sources in Jerusalem claimed that the step was taken to strengthen Abu Maazen and try to get him to agree to direct talks with Israel. However, they expressed dissapointment that the White House did not make ceasing the PA’s anti Israel incitement a condition for the status upgrade.

For attitude, see Right, Wing-Nut! who suggests using the Israeli flag as a doormat may be next and Solomonia muses about Israel’s motive,