Pete Stark asks Minuteman Who Ya Going to Kill Today? Stark the New John Murtha

Listen to this exchange between Congressman Pete Stark (D-CA) and his constituents. Stark is rude, demeaning and disingenuous.  He asks a self-identified Minuteman who he’s “going to kill today.” Stark takes the place of the once-rudest man in the U.S. House, John Murtha.  See the video below.

Pete Stark

Stark, an atheist, has been representing California for 37 years, currently in the 13th District – covering the San Francisco Bay area. He won his last election with 75% of the vote. He obviously believes he has  his House seat for life, and so can tell people to “get the f**k out of here or I’ll throw you out the window.” See that video here. The blow-up comes at the end.

Here is some conversation from the video with the Minuteman:

Stark resumed his hostile act, asking the Minuteman what he would do to secure the border.

“I would send about about 25,000 troops for one thing and build a wall down so vehicles could not pass,” the Minuteman said.

“How high and long would it be?” Stark asked.

“As high and as long as it takes,” the Minuteman said, elicting cheers.

Stark said he would start a ladder company with the Minuteman if he designed the wall and doesn’t shoot the people coming over.

“But I’ve got to know how high the wall is and I’ll sell a whole lot of ladders for people who want to come,” Stark said.

“This is a very serious matter and you’re sitting there making fun of it,” the Minuteman responded.

“I don’t have to make fun of you sir, you do a fine job all by yourself,” Stark said.

He has a number of gems to his credit. These are just a few: He once said his Republican colleague, and Baptist minister J.C. Watts’ (R-OK) children we all born out of wedlock. He called Rep. Nancy Johnson (CT) a whore, and blamed Jewish members of Congress for the Persian Gulf War. Karen at The Lonely Conservative has one you won’t believe.

Stark owns a townhome in Fremont, California and a $1.7 million waterfront home in Anne Arundel Cty, Maryland. He claimed the Maryland home as his principal residence for the larger tax break – until the IRS caught him. He’s just another Democrat tax cheat. When the IRS story came out, he rushed to say that he and his wife are registered to vote in California and hold California driver’s licenses.

Rep. John Murtha, long on the list of the Most Corrupt Politicians in Congress, didn’t just steal taxpayer money. He accused eight Marines of intentionally murdering Iraqi citizens. He stole seven years of their lives. Seven were found not guilty and the case against the eighth was dismissed. Murtha, himself a Marine, refused to produce his military records, and his “war hero” status and Purple Hearts are still suspect. To be fair to Stark, he doesn’t measure up to John Murtha.

Rep. Pete Stark Mocks Minuteman and Border Security (video)