Megyn Kelly Smacks Kirsten Powers with Facts: Rep. Brad Sherman Shames HimselfVideo

Kirsten Powers IS a Liberal, but this video shows she has gulped down a full vat of Kool-Aid just before a chat with Megyn Kelly. Oh wow! You haven’t seen this before, and there can be no mystery about which blonde bombs. The conversation is about the Department of Justice (DOJ) dismissing the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party (NBPP). The video begins with a California townhall hosted by Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA-27th) and a constituent telling Sherman she is concerned about the DOJ and the NBPP. Sherman bring on the shame and doesn’t know a  thing, bless his heart, about a Black Panther case, and he is certain the DOJ plans to prosecute any Blacks he finds intimidating voters. You can imagine what the crowd does, then Kelly and Powers provide the entertainment. Kirsten is definitely not ready for the big tent. See related background info below video.

Megyn Kelly, Kirsten Powers, Brad Sherman Smackdown (video)
Thanks to RedState
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