Jean Stevens Lived with Corpses: Philly Woman Jean Stevens Exhumed Hubby Sis – Took Them Home

A Philadelphia woman, Jean Stevens, had the embalmed bodies of her twin sister and her husband dug-up. She took them home to live with her. See the video below.

Jean Stevens

Mrs. Stevens, 91, has cared for James, her husband of 60 years, dead now for more than a decade. She placed him on a couch in her garage.

Her twin sister died of cancer in October. Jean buried her twin in the twin’s own backyard, then had her ‘retrieved’ and moved to her own house.

June Stevens was dug-up just a couple of days after burial. She has laid in a spare room and received  tender care from twin sister. Jean dressed her in her best housecoat, put her glasses back on and treated her loved one to her favorite perfume. Jean and June married twin brothers.

Someone tipped off police. The bodies were taken from her, and are now at the Coroner’s office. An investigation is underway. From the Washington Post:

She knows what people must think of her. But she had her reasons and they are complicated, a bit sad, and in their peculiar way, sweet.

Dressed smartly in a light blue shirt and khaki skirt, silver hoops in her ears, her white hair swept back and her brown eyes clear and sharp, she offers a visitor a slice of pie, then casts a knowing look when it’s declined. “You’re afraid I’ll poison you,” she says.

 Mrs. Stevens said she hates “death” and couldn’t bear to be separated from her loved ones. Another complication: both sisters are/were “severely claustrophobic.” Spending an eternity in a closed coffin was too terrible to think about.

Some neighbors think it’s scary. Another says Stevens is no weird-o. The names of the “diggers” have not been revealed.

Mrs. James Stevens, Jean Stevens Lived with Corpses