Iowa Billboard Controversy: Conservatives Flogging Conservatives

The North Iowa Tea Party is now the albatross of the Tea Party movement.  Conservatives and Republicans need something to feel guilty about. This week it’s the Hitler-Obama-Lenin billboard. You can feel the angst about this wayward group – we are not racist, that billboard should not have gone up! I ask why not?

And who among Democrats cared that Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MI) compared President G. W. Bush to Hitler and said the White House was involved in the 9/11 attacks? There are so many examples of Democrat rallies comparing Bush to Hitler that I’ll just refer you to this blog which has many documented photos, links to others and says he/she had a front row seat to these rallies 2003-2008. This particular blog was written in August 2009 and isn’t addressing the billboard, but other outcries from Liberals including Nancy Pelosi almost a year ago.

The argument is, just because the Left does it, doesn’t make it right for the Right to do it. I agree, but that is not what this billboard did. I see it this way:

The billboard is not racist. It does not compare Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler or Vladimir Lenin, although it would be reasonable to do so now that we’ve seen the Obama agenda. It highlights three types of socialism and socialists, including Barack Obama, and points out the three are radicals and prey[ed] on the “fearful and naive.”

Like, suing Arizonans who are fearful, but no longer naive about their government’s failure to protect them from theft, murder, rape, kidnapping and human trafficking, and dirty needles on landowner’s property.

Like Philadelphia voters who were threatened at the polls, some not voting because of it – and then slammed by Obama and Holder protecting the New Black Panthers rather than the voter – that protection ranging to simply not prosecuting Blacks who commit voter intimidation and/or fraud because they are Black. It makes me fearful. I fear for my country. It was reported yesterday that the NAACP was working with the DOJ on the dismissal of the Black Panthers case…and they call TEA parties racist!

Like New Yorkers strongly against holding the trial of one of highest-profile Islamic terrorists in the War on Terror in downtown New York. Holder and Obama were determined to do it. Now, the KSM trial just looms. No one knows where it will be. No one wants it in the U.S. If you live in the area of a trial of this magnitude, most might feel some intimidation. Who knows what kind of riff-raff that trial will bring to the neighborhood? Who knows who will prey on the people?

Like forcing all of America to purchased mandated health insurance, except for Congress and Unions, and Obama’s new czar over medicaid and medicare, Donald Berwick. He worked his own deal with his own non-profit charity, paid himself $2.3 million, and then bestowed lifetime health care for him and his wife. He’s the guy that believes rationing healthcare is “romantic,” and he has assured us we will have rationing. But he scams a charity which obviously has significant tax benefits (at least until Obama’s tax hikes arrive). I believe many Americans feel intimidated and anxious about their unwanted ObamaCare. I feel fearful about the Court’s decision when the constitutionality of the law hits the bench. How could I not?

Just as Hitler and Lenin murdered, Obama is using taxpayer money to fund abortions. One of his first acts as a president was to overturn the Mexico City policy which denied U.S. taxpayer dollars for abortion outside our borders. Instantly you and I were funding abortion. When I think about it…that my money is used for taking the life of the unborn, it chills me. Yesterday we learned that the health care legislation will indeed allow taxpayers to fund abortions inside the U.S. In fact, $160 million is already designated for a Pennsylvania program to put an insurance program in place for abortions. I’m paying for murder.

I feel preyed upon by this predatory president.

We cannot grow our businesses because we know taxes and regulations will be leveled with a brutal hand. We cannot improve our properties, buy a nice car, take that wedding anniversary trip, buy a second home…until we know whats coming next. We think we know a VAT tax is descending. We do know that tax cuts are disappearing. Nothing looks good for our financial futures at this time.

I feel preyed upon by this predatory president.

We believe we are going to be forced to bailout dying liberal rags all over the country. A $10 billion bailout for teachers unions was hidden in a military funding bill, and the administration wants even more for “the teachers union.” Today a gigantic financial “reform” bill was passed. The bill will be signed next week, but reform for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the root of the housing meltdown, were nowhere to be found. Jacob Lew, the new czar of Financial Reform said just last year that if the rest of the world didn’t adhere to the same reforms, American business’ would flee the country. It will be too expensive to stay here, and small business’ and small banks will be the hardest hit. The Wall Street Journals says this bill “will hit small business’ hard.”

Don’t you feel preyed upon by this predatory president?