HIV or Abortion Makes Your Medical Records Private

by The Lonely Conservative

Here’s a big shocker! The government wants your Body Mass Index in their electronic health record. But if you’re HIV positive or you’ve had an abortion, your records are sealed!

In an interview videotaped on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, asked [David] Blumenthal whether abortions and HIV tests must be included in an EHR, as the new regulations, on their face, seem to suggest.

“The regulations that came out state that hospitals and doctors have to provide problems lists, medications [lists], diagnostic test results, copies of those things in the electronic health record,” said “Does that mean that a test result like, say, an HIV test or a procedure like an abortion would have to go on an electronic health record”

Blumenthal said, “Any specific information recorded in the record is an issue between the doctor and the patient, not an issue that this regulation specifies.”

Some people’s medical records are more private than others. Welcome to Animal Farm! I feel like I should go have a fake abortion just to protect my privacy.

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