Elizabeth Edwards on Rielle Hunter That Other Woman (Video)

Elizabeth Edwards has a new chapter in the newly released paperback of her book Resilience. Talking with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, she talked of the heartbreak of realizing that she could no longer be John Edwards’ wife, and she wants her children to love their father, because he may need to be there for him if her cancer takes a bad turn.

I have great empathy for Elizabeth Edwards: empathy that she married the guy in the first place, then that she stayed with him for 33 years, and that she is battling cancer and has had that battle for a number of years now.

Having said that, it will be a better day when scorned women can talk about their philandering husbands without talking about “that other woman.” It’s useless. Only the husband is accountable to his wife. Only the husband is responsible to and accountable for their children. Only the husband is bound by the sacred ties of marriage.

And having said that, she really said very little of Rielle Hunter, “that woman.” And she says, “I am not just a cuckolded wife.

Elizabeth Edwards on Today Show (video)