DOJ Spends $5.6 BILLION Community Organizing: DOJ’s Facist Santa

The Department of Justice (DOJ) spent $5.6 BILLION in grants for community organizing in 2009 to reduce crime and violence. According to the Government Office of Accounting (GAO), hundreds of millions were spent on children for dances, skateboarding, golfing, pool parties, rollercoaster rides and a flat screen TV – all in an effort to keep kids off the streets and away from crime. Then there’s the film: Santa the Fascists Years.

Santa the Fascist

As expected, there is no documentation of the effectiveness of this Many-Billioned-Dollar program. The DOJ keeps lousy records and the GOA says they cannot verify what was spent for what.

At least $200,000 was spent for officials to attend conferences at golf resorts in Florida and Palm Springs, or a film festival featuring “Santa, The Fascist Years.” 

The organization paid $30,000 for the development of the Santa the Fascist Years film, which “uncovers and explores Santa’s flirtation with politics and greed.” I have a short clip of the film below.

In the video, the kids don’t like Santa’s presents, in fact “Christmas Sucks.” Santa has a new idea, making war toys, and since the clip is short, I can only guess where it goes from there, but I have an imagination, and I see Santa probably portrayed as an evil and greedy capitalist before the video ends.

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) issued a report on the program, titling it Party at the DOJ. He estimates over $100 million tax dollars have been spent on the party over the last 5 years. Coburn says someone is having way too much fun on the taxpayers dime [paraphrased].

Many of the grants are earmarked by Congress without the normal public review. Justice Department officials told the GAO that it makes them harder to scrutinize. So they rely on recipients to follow the rules: not all of them do. 

Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens earmarked $1.7 million to a group run by a couple who were his friends. They were convicted of stealing $450,000 and spent some of it on a wedding reception for their son – who happened to work for Senator Stevens. 

Just last month, an Oklahoma City program was found to have misspent hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal crime prevention funds on things like a giant flat screen TV, 40 pairs of binoculars and $200 Japanese-style swords. Police said most of the binoculars were never used and there was “no legitimate purpose” for the swords. 

Read Coburn’s Party at the DOJ report here (pdf). Coburn said:

“Americans woke up to news of a car bomb in New York‘s Times Square and a national debt surpassing $13 trillion in May,” begins the report from Sen. Tom Coburn’s office. “At the same time, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) was preparing for a ―Fun Day celebration in Texas, a luau in Tennessee, and other parties and fun activities across the country.

“Twelve other federal agencies and 99 programs fund similar community programs to keep kids out of trouble.”

How do we expect these kids to grow up? We have a Marxist DOJ working with these children – teaching them what?  Organize your community, open an ACORN office, protect your friends from the law when they commit atrocities,  lie and cheat because you deserve better? Get out the vote and sign-up Hanna Montana. Grow up to intimidate at the polls – we’ll protect you. You deserve to rule. Accuse…scream racism and and help us kill the greedy, capitalist, White Santa. [Disclaimer: Again, I haven’t seen the entire clip. I’m making a guess where the story goes. If you have seen it, let me know what you think.] Others talking: Legal Times and The Daily Caller.

Santa, The Fascist Years (video)