Christian Adams with Megyn Kelly: DOJ Atty Resigns DOJ in Black Panther Protest Video

Megyn Kelly interviewed J. Christian Adams, the Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney who was the lead attorney in the prosecution of the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation at a Philadelphia poll place. In what Adams says is the clearest example of voter intimidation in the history of his career was judged guilty, then DOJ Civil Rights Division was ordered to dismiss the charges and drop the case. See the video below.

New Black Panthers – Voter Intimidation in Philadelphia

Adams resigned his position and left the DOJ for private practice in May 2010. This quote is from his commentary in The Washington Times:

Most disturbing, the dismissal is part of a creeping lawlessness infusing our government institutions. Citizens would be shocked to learn about the open and pervasive hostility within the Justice Department to bringing civil rights cases against nonwhite defendants on behalf of white victims….Open contempt is voiced for these types of cases.

In The Washington Times, Adams made these points:

1) The dismissal of the Black Panther case “was motivated by a lawless hostility toward equal enforcement of the law.” 

2) Some in the Department “abetted wrongdoers and abandoned law-abiding citizens victimized by the New black Panthers.

3) Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, Tom Perez “inaccurately” testified to the House Judiciary Committee

4) “Most corrupt of all, the lawyers who ordered the dismissal – Loretta King, the Obama-appointed acting head of the Civil Rights Division, and Steve Rosenbaum….

5) Some inside Justice say this is an isolated incident, but other similar cases happened at polling places in Philadelphia, including one targeting Hillary Rodham Clinton. Adams says “the law clearly prohibits even isolated incidents of voter intimidation.

6) The evidence shows that voters were affected by intimidation, but even if it didn’t, the law demands punishment of “an attempt.”

7) Some co-workers argued the law should not be used against black wrongdoers because of the long history of slavery and segregation. “Some called it payback time.

Note that Kelly asked for a statement from the DOJ, and part of their answer to Adams is that he “is a Conservative.” What does being Conservative or Liberal have to do with Human Rights? (Thanks to Lonely Conservative for the video)

Christian Adams and Megyn Kelly on Black Panthers Voter Intimidation (video)

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