Brown Beret KKK: Mexican KKK the Tan Clan Video You’re Too White Go Back to Europe

The “Brown Berets,” also known as the Mexican KKK and the Tan Clan are followed by a conservative camerman (who has a great voice). They have megaphones and shout “BuyCott Arizona,” “Go back to Germany, back to Europe,” I think I heard “North Dakota you’re White. You don’t belong here.” LaRaza is mentioned. This took place at the Angel’s Stadium in Annaheim, California.  A illegal alien incursion protest was underway when the Brown Berets arrived. About 2:30 minutes-in, one of the Brown Berets has an exchange with a protester supporting Arizona’s illegal migrant law, and the cameraman gets in on it.

 Brown Berets

The Brown Berets were formed in the late 1960’s and were inspired by the Black Panthers. They believe portions of the U.S. is the Nation of Atzlan.

Brown Berets Mexican KKK: You’re too White Go Back to Europe

Thanks to CitizenTube for the Video