Britain Cuts Health Care Services: Behind Closed Doors UK Knee Hip Replacements Cut

Earlier today a report said Britain was turning control of a patient’s health care back to local doctors. Another report just released says the Brits have “secret plans” to cut the most basic health care treatments, including knee and hip replacements.

Knee Replacement

Hospital beds will be reduced, including those for the mentally ill. Nursing homes are closing and thousands of jobs will be lost in NHS [National Health Service] hospitals:

Hundreds of thousands of pounds from budgets will be cut from the terminally ill, with dying cancer patients to b told to manage their own symptoms if their condition worsens at evenings or weekends….

The Sunday Telegraph found the details of hundreds of cuts buried in obscure appendices to lengthy policy and strategy documents published by trusts. In most cases, local communities appear to be unaware of the plans

Quality of life for those in need of hip and knee replacements will suffer. A spokesman for the Patients Association says the cuts are brutal. “We cannot return to the days of people waiting in pain for years for a hip operation or having to pay for operations privately.” Looks like they will do exactly that. Why? Because the people bought into socialized medicine.

Their system is broken, yet this administration will emulate Britain’s failure. We know what comes from backdoor deals. Without them, Obama’s health care legislation would not have passed. He purchased the right to control our health. I won’t forget.