Bobby Jindahl on Moratorium: Louisiana Wants None of Obama’s Community Organizing

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindah speaks forcefully without a teleprompter or notes in sight. He demonstrates how out of touch with Americans, Obama and his administration are. The president is trying to organize Louisiana workers, like the community organizer he is, and they want none of it. See the video below.

Bobby Jindahl

Jindahl quotes Obama saying, “Governor, if people lose their jobs because of the [drilling] moratorium, they can file a BP claim. I said, with all due respect, what if BP doesn’t pay. He said don’t worry Governor, they can file an unemployment claim. I said with all due respect Mr. President, we don’t want a BP check or an unemployment check, we want to go back to work.”

Obama also told Jindahl if the drilling rigs leave, meaning if they are taken to other locations because of a lack of operation in the Gulf of Mexico, “the rigs will just come back.” Jindahl tells the crowd – “as if you can turn it on and off like a switch.” Jindahl said the rigs are gone for years, two are on their way to Africa right now.

Has there ever been a president in our history, besides Obama, who equates an unemployment check with a “real” check?

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindahl (video)