Bill Richardson Jan Brewer: Bill Richardson to Host Border Governors Without Brewer

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, a strong amnesty proponent, says the Border Governors meeting will go on without Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Six Mexican border Governors refused to attend the meeting scheduled in Arizona in protest of Arizona’s SB 1070, a law which will mimic federal law to deal with illegal migrants. The Mexican boycott caused Brewer to cancel the conference. See a very interesting video bio on Brewer below.

Bill Richardson and Jan Brewer

Richardson, who apparently can be elected only by supporting illegal activity, says he thinks he will find a place for the event, with or without Brewer or the Mexican governors, and he hopes Obama’s DOJ can quash the Arizona law:

The Justice Department did the right thing in pursuing legal action on the basis of discrimination, on preemption of federal authority. But most importantly…I hope that injunction passes so that this law never takes effect,” he said.

Richardson’s father was born in Nicaragua, but grew up in Boston. He worked for Citibank and was posted to Mexico City for almost 30 years. There the father married Richardson’s mother, a Mexican woman who was his secretary. His father, said to be sensitive about not being born in the U.S., sent his wife to California to give birth to son Bill, making him a U.S. citizen. Bill was raised in Mexico City until the age of 13, when he was sent to Massachusetts to attend a preparatory school.

Bill Richardson, an American citizen who has achieved great success, whose family took advantage of the U.S. birthright process, now intends to use that opportunity to break every illegal migrant law on the books. Please join me in prayer that Governor Brewer and Arizona will crush this lawless Department of Justice as they pursue their lawsuit against this struggling state.

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