Susan Rice Skips U.N. Debate: Rice Vacations: Susan Rice Still Wildly Ineffective

No surprise here. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, stayed in Washington…rather than go the U.N. headquarters in New York. She’s no dummy. She gets paid the big bucks and get the embossed business card and sends someone else to do her job, and this isn’t the first time. To quote Richard Grenell, a former G.W. Bush director of communications for our U.N. Ambassador, Rice is “wildly ineffective.”

Susan Rice

Rice, who has “delusions” of grandeur wanted to stay home in D.C. for the Memorial Day weekend. She did, and she missed the emergency meeting to lynch Israel for their handling of a sea blockade of Turkish ships trying to get to Gaza or be martyred (as one woman put it). Some were martyred. At this time, none have gotten to Gaza.

Oh well, Rice “was engaged the entire time,” her spokesman said. Deputy U.S. Representative Alejandro Wolff filled-in for her, but she pulled the strings throughout the entire 12 hour meeting. She also didn’t call an emergency meeting for the U.N. in the awful Haiti crisis. It was apparently her place to do so…but she didn’t bother, so U.N. head Ban Ki-Moon had to step in and ask for more troops.

Susan Rice with Obama and Hillary Clinton

Rice did show up for her glamor spread, photographed by Annie Leibovitz, for Vogue Magazine, however.

Since John Bolton left the position, the U.S. has had zero influence at the U.N. With Rice, our influence is sub-zero.

Rice is still“wildly ineffective”but Vogue thinks “she’s got game.”


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