RINO Mike Castle Votes for DISCLOSE Act: Christine O’Donnell Would Not Vote for DISCLOSE

RINO Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE) voted for the House DISCLOSE Act. Castle just took away portions of your free speech and mine. He is challenged by a true conservative, Christine O’Donnell in the November election. Don’t forget this face. With our help, she will be Delaware’s U.S. Senate replacement for Joe Biden.

Christine O’Donnell for Senate in Delaware

The DISCLOSE Act (Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections), otherwise known as H.R. 5175 passed the House yesterday with help from two Republicans, Delaware’s Mike Castle and Louisiana’s Joseph Cao. DISCLOSE will be put into effect within 30 days – even before the FEC can write the guidelines. Democrats see this imperative to stifling our free speech – and especially the free speech of grassroots organizations, for example…TEA Parties, and here’s another example:

Remember the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court which restored First Amendment rights to corporations, saying the government as no right to regulate free speech? The DISCLOSE Act, if implemented, is seen as a first step to an end run against that Supreme Court decision. Listen to a CATO Institute podcast about this important issue here.

Read more about DISCLOSE here, and in November don’t forget that Castle and Cao took a swipe at your free speech, and smack them right back with a vote for Christine O’Donnell for Joe Biden’s senate seat. Find in-depth insight into RINO Castle and Ms. O’Donnell at The Other McCain.