Obama Answers Arizona’s Plea for Illegal Alien Help with a Lawsuit – See ya in Court!

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer finally met with President Obama two weeks ago about the intolerable incursion of illegal aliens into her state, and to discuss Arizona’s new Immigration Law. He promised a response  within two weeks. Today she got the message.  He will sue Arizona, and cost the good citizens of this beautiful desert state multiple thousands of dollars to defend their sovereignty against his regime.

Here is the Governor’s announcement of the lawsuit and how she found out her state is now a defendant.

Governor Jan Brewer Obama Administration has decided to sue AZ and we had to learn about it through Ecuadorean TV. Outrageous!

Just a side note, Hillary announced this dirty deed. She apparently has no problem with dealing a severe and costly blow to State’s rights. Hillary supporters, what say you?

The meeting with Obama came only after weeks of total silence – no replies to her letters or phone calls, but he was on television everyday blasting the voters in Arizona for their decision to chuck his illegal voting base. Just total abject, in your face disrespect, with Arizona facing Government-induced life and death situations in her state by the minute.

Obama promised an answer to her pleas for help. Inundated with illegals bringing their drugs, their rapists, their murderers, and selling children and young women into sex-slave-rings, right under the nose of the citizens, and his response is, he will sue her for protecting U.S. citizens, including you and I when we visit.

Greta van Susteren and Governor Jan Brewer (video)